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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mr Pakistan Contest 2009

1:53 AM
58th Mr & Junior Mr. Pakistan Contest 2009
2009 Mr Pakistan Competition held in quetta first time,2009 Mr Pakistan contest
is very better then previous competition,at this year 1st time Mr Pakistan Contest
held with the name of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Challenge Trophy contest,
at this year many bodybuilders participated in this contest they come from different
province's like Sindh,Panjab,and NWFP,and the contest held in Balochistan,
Nisar Khilji won Mr Pakistan 2009 Contest.

Mr Pakistan Contest 2009 (HD Quality)
Nisar Khilji And Adnan Abid Qureshi at 2009 Mr Pakistan Contest.

Khalid azeem and Nisar Khilji at Mr Pakistan contest 2009.

Mr Pakistan Contest 2009
Pakistani bodybuilders are posing on stage at Mr Pakistan Contest 2009.

Mr Pakistan Contest 2009 In Quetta Balochistan.

Mr Pakistan Competition 2009 In Quetta.

Mr Khalid Hazeem Receive his runner up position trophy
at Mr Pakistan 2009 Contest.

Mr Pakistan Contest 2009 75kg Class Posing Routine.

Mr Pakistan contest 2009 Junior Class Bodybuilder.
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