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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Greg Valentino | Worlds Biggest Arm | Huge Arm Man Of The World

2:50 AM
Greg Valentino
Arm Size: Ice 27 / Cold 1/6"
Chest: 58"
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 265lbs
Waist: 30
Favorite sport Athlete: Babe Ruth
Favorite Food: Anything-Italian and Steak medium-rare
Marrital Status: Single
Birthday: August 5, 1960
Birthsign: Leo ( King of the jungle babe )
Favorite Male Bodybuilder: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Haney, Ronnie Coleman
Favorite Female Bodybuilder: Gladys Portugues
Biggest Influences: My Father,My Uncle Joe,My Cousin Ricky
Worst Moments of My Life:Getting arrested and sitting in jail,
My Mother Dying,My Julissa dying,All 3 were nightmares

Writer/columnist for Muscular Development magazine
Co host of “No Bull” radio show in 2006 to 2007
Star of the Video “un-plugged” bodybuilding video
Guest appearences at Bodybuilding shows
Non-paid Highschool appearances talking about fitness and dangers of drugs
NPC Bodybuilding contest promoter in the 80s & early 90’s
Star of the Top selling cult bodybuilding video “True Freak”
Writer for the 80’S magazine “Hardcore Muscle Zine”

Greg Valentino in awesome pose and show his largest arms.
Greg Valentino measure his huge biceps size with inch tape.
Worlds biggest arm man Greg Valentino in a gym.
Greg Valentino worlds largest arm king.
Greg Valentino arrested for steroid usage.
Greg Valentino photography.
Greg Valentino training in a gym.
Greg Valentino incline bench press in a gym.
Greg Valentino show his huge arm.
Greg Valentino smile for camera and show his worlds biggest arm.
Greg Valentino with Snapple Steroid.
Greg Valentino 18 year old photo.
Greg Valentino with Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1980.
Other Appearances
Lewis Black the comedian did a Spoof on Gregg on Comedy Central
Featured in the book “ Natural Bodybuilding for men & women
“ written by Peter Neff Featured in the book “Dunks Doubles & Doping”
written by Nathan Jendrick, Featured in the book “Extreme Muscle Enhancement”
written by Dr.Carlon Colker Featured in the book “Bigger Faster Stronger
“ by BFS systems of weight training Was on a Billboard for TBS Superstition in
December 2002 Supplement Company “Jekyll & Hyde” Poster model and Gregg’s
picture appeared on the bottle of Herbal Energy supplement
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