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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kevin Levrone | Kevin Levrone Biography | Beautiful Bodybuilder Of The World

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Nickname: Maryland Muscle Machine
Birth: July 16, 1968 (1968-07-16) (age 42),
Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.
Height: 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)
Weight: 240 lb (109 kg)

Pro-debut: Chicago Pro Invitational, 1992
Best win: Grand Prix, Eight times, 1993-1995, 1997, 2001

Kevin Levrone | Kevin Levrone New Images 2010 |
Kevin Levrone in side chest pose.

Kevin levrone show most muscular shoulder pose and here
he is in more much size shape.

Kevin Levrone squat training in the gym.
Kevin Levrone and Ronnie Coleman show triceps pose.
Kevin Levrone modeling shoot photo | Kevin Levrone.
Kevin Levrone in outstanding shape.
Kevin Levrone show very entertaining posing at Arnold Classic Contest.
Kevin Levrone | Kevin Levrone went Pump Room.
Kevin Levrone shoulder training.
Bodybuilding Star Kevin Levrone in side chest pose.
Most beautiful bodybuilder of the world Kevin Levrone
show guest posing in off season shape.

Kevin Levrone after winning Arnold Classic Contest.
Kevin Levrone show his beautiful triceps.
1991 Junior Nationals - NPC, HeavyWeight, 2nd
1991 Nationals - NPC, HeavyWeight, 1st
1991 Nationals - NPC, Overall Winner
1992 Chicago Pro Invitational, 3rd
1992 Night of Champions, 1st
1992 Mr. Olympia, 2nd
1993 Grand Prix France (2), 5th
1993 Grand Prix Germany (2), 1st
1993 Grand Prix Spain, 3rd
1993 Mr. Olympia, 5th
1994 Arnold Classic, 1st
1994 Grand Prix England, 2nd
1994 Grand Prix France (2), 1st
1994 Grand Prix Germany, 2nd
1994 Grand Prix Italy, 1st
1994 Grand Prix Spain, 2nd
1994 Mr. Olympia, 3rd
1994 San Jose Pro Invitational, 1st
1995 Grand Prix England, 2nd
1995 Grand Prix Germany, 1st
1995 Grand Prix Russia, 1st
1995 Grand Prix Spain, 1st
1995 Mr. Olympia, 2nd
1996 Arnold Classic, 1st
1996 Grand Prix Czech Republic, 2nd
1996 Grand Prix England, 2nd
1996 Grand Prix Germany, 3rd
1996 Grand Prix Russia, 2nd
1996 Grand Prix Spain, 2nd
1996 Grand Prix Switzerland, 3rd
1996 Mr. Olympia, 3rd
1996 San Jose Pro Invitational, 1st
1997 Arnold Classic, 2nd
1997 Grand Prix Czech Republic, 1st
1997 Grand Prix England, 1st
1997 Grand Prix Finland, 1st
1997 Grand Prix Germany, 1st
1997 Grand Prix Hungary, 1st
1997 Grand Prix Russia, 2nd
1997 Grand Prix Spain, 1st
1997 Mr. Olympia, 4th
1998 Grand Prix Finland, 2nd
1998 Grand Prix Germany, 2nd
1998 Night of Champions, 2nd
1998 Mr. Olympia, 4th
1998 San Francisco Pro Invitational, 1st
1998 Toronto Pro Invitational, 2nd
1999 Arnold Classic, 2nd
1999 Grand Prix England, 3rd
1999 Mr. Olympia, 4th
1999 World Pro Championships, 3rd
2000 Arnold Classic, 3rd
2000 Mr. Olympia, 2nd
2001 Grand Prix England, 1st
2001 Mr. Olympia, 3rd
2002 Arnold Classic, 5th
2002 Grand Prix Australia, 4th
2002 Mr. Olympia, 2nd
2003 Arnold Classic, 5th
2003 Mr. Olympia, 6th
2003 Show of Strength Pro Championship, 3rd
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