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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Legs Training With Dave Draper

1:37 PM
Better Training Of Legs With Dave Draper
Dave draper Say's legs are most important part of body,
if you training very hard and your diet is perfect then your legs are growth,
he says that when you start your training first of all you make your mind fresh.
and kick-out worries & tensions of your mind,
then your muscle running growths way,
he Say's without nutritions your legs are like fish without water...

It had been 18 years since I'd trained with Dave Draper,
and as I walked into his World Gym in Santa Cruz, California,
I reminisced of those bygone years.
The last time we trained seriously together was during the summer
of 1972 at the old Gold's Gym on Pacific Avenue in Venice while preparing
for the Mr. Universe contest. Dave, Arnold and I could usually be found
in the gym at the same time and we'd work legs together more often than not.
Leg extensions, leg curls, heavy squats,hacks, donkeys, standing and seated
calf raises were our usual fare.
We never did aerobics in those days - not to each other's knowledge anyway.
We were content to get an aerobic effect from our weight training workouts
by not resting more than a minute between sets.

Dave Draper Training Video

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