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Friday, April 8, 2011

Nitro Tech Hardcore

5:31 PM
Introducing Nitro-Tech® Hardcore, the only musclebuilding protein formula in
the world clinically proven to help you add up to 8.4 pounds of muscle in as
little as 14 days! Backed by research spanning a decade, doctor formulated
Nitro-Tech Hardcore is the world’s #1 selling protein formula! From reigning
Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler, to eight-time pro champion Dexter Jackson, to devoted
gym warriors like you, more bodybuilders have used Nitro-Tech Hardcore to build
head-turning muscle and steal the spotlight than any other protein formula in
the world!

What makes Nitro-Tech Hardcore so effective?

Branch Warren - IFBB Pro and Team MuscleTech SuperstarEach serving of Nitro-Tech
Hardcore contains a Nitrogen Delivery System™. This exclusive system consists of
three anabolically infused blends – each loaded with high-quality amino acids that
have a proven track record for building muscle. The first is SynthePro®, an
exclusive, ultra-absorbing amino acid matrix designed to maximize muscle growth.
The second is Insulogen®, a complex of anabolic insulin drivers designed to support
insulin secretion, maximize insulin sensitivity, and prime your muscles for nutrient
supersaturation. Nitro-Tech Hardcore’s third proprietary blend is Nitroxen®, an
amplified nitric oxide accelerator formulated to turbocharge amino acid delivery
to your expanding muscles for a surge of serious growth.

Nitro-Tech Hardcore also unleashes Nanomolecular Hyperdispersion Technology™,
an advanced technique which nanoparticulates a precise portion of protein particles
to a fraction of the size of regular protein particles. Nanomolecular Hyperdispersion
Technology is designed to hyperaccelerate muscle metabolism and protein synthesis to
build muscle faster than any other protein can! What’s more, Nitro-Tech Hardcore’s
multiple components are designed to operate synergistically, to make your muscles
explode with new size, starting with your very first dose!
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